R200P, Something Triggering a Massive Upload!

We have 500+, R200P routers deployed on our network. For the past couple of months our customers have been calling complaining the internet stops working for 15 second to a 1 minute. We have been looking at the network AP’s and CPE not seeing anything that would cause the problems people have been calling about. We started noticing in our network MRTG upload spikes that correspond to when the internet drops for our customers. It looks to only happen with customers that have Cambium Routers. If you look at the CPE, you can see an upload spike at the same time the MRTG shows a spike and Customers complain internet stops. We also notice our Packets Per Second go through the roof when the outage happens for customers. We have no idea how to stop these elevated upload spikes from the routers.

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Hi mmarting,
Sorry for the inconvenience, could you please upgrade one of the problematic cnPilot R200P devices with latest device firmware 4.7.2-R8 and see still issue persists ?

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Durga Pasad

When we first experienced the network slow down, we updated every router on the network with 4.7.1-R4 and that somewhat fixed it. But last week we got hit hard again so we updated everything again to 4.7.2-R8. Still experiencing the problems. Customers keep calling in with complaints. What next?

Maybe you can do wireshark to see exact what kind of traffic is uploading?
Maybe that information can help cambium support.

We’ve had the same issue on multiple occasions. Thankfully a lot of ours are behind NAT, and don’t seem to see the issue unless they have a public WAN IP. We’ve found updating to 4.7.2-R8, and setting the value of “WebRemoteLegalIP” to only what we use for our own management has seemed to stop the issue. Looks like a DOS attack, but we didn’t bother to find out what it was exactly after the fix. Wireshark is a good idea if possible.

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