R201 - delays in AC band

Guys... need help.

I have a client reporting delays when connected  your devices in the 5GHz band even being well near the equipment. 

I made some navigation tests, videos loading and in "2ghz" all is well. In the AC I really noticed a certain delay in the same applications.

Any idea?

Hi ,

Are you facing this problem only with one particular client ? if yes please provide client details .


Yes, just one cliente. We change the equipament 3 times and test 3 different R201

What details do you need?

Basically name of client and modle name shall be enough . also if you can capture syslog during when you face the problem , will be more helpful.


What wireless card/chipset is being used by this client? Let's try to narrow down if this is happening to a particular type of card.

Guys - SYSLOG attached.

They are multiple cards and mobile phones. Samsung, Iphone, Motorola...

Guys, another syslog file

Additional information: All AC adapters are: TP-LINK USB Dual Band Ac600 Archer T2U

So the problem is specific only to this TP link Adapter ?

Om, no. In smartphones too.