R201P Issues

I have had a laundry list of issues with the R201p since our deployments have started.

Recently some of the larger ones have been they do not re-dial pppoe if the connection drops, even after a reboot of the equipment. Sometimes they will redial but the connection is unusuable for up to 10 minutes or more. Occasionally breaking the L1 connection will force it to redial and get connected but othertimes not.

We have had issues with the configuration interface being unavailable for 15+ minutes after a reboot as well from the LAN and the WAN sides.

We have had issues with the wi-fi not broadcasting or being connected but no traffic will flow, a reboot typically resolves this issue.

We are on the latest firmware for many of these devices and have seen no changes. We are using the routers primarily with 450 SM equipment which has been brought up to the latest firmware to my knowledge. We have a mixed environment as well where sometimes the 450 SM is responsible for pppoe and this has caused in a lot of cases that we are unable to manage the router from the WAN at all even with DMZ to the router. Suspect a NAT issue there for some reason.

If anyone has any luck if resolving any of these please help! We cannot have customers rebooting their routers 3-5+ times just to get back online!

WIFI calling doesnt work with the R8 version installed. We have better luck with firmware 4.2.1

yeah wifi calling broken is super annoying. Would like to see a new software update out for these routers. 

I'm having the same issues with these. Just in the last 24 hour we have replaced 5 because the unit only shows the power light. Good to know about the wifi calling issue. We've experienced this as well.


We are investigating this behavior and will update ASAP. 

Few customers have confirmed that Wifi calling feature is working fine in the latest 4.4 images with "swFastnatEnabled=1 or 0"


Please create a support ticket for behavior.