R201p No audio on a Call on bridge mode

Hello guys, i hace setted up a r201p for a client with VoIP comming on a L2 vlan.
If i connect the grandstream IP phone directly with vlan tagged in the phone it works ok, if i put a Mikrotik in between the phone and the ePMP link with data and Voice vlan tagged in the MKT it works ok.
But When I configure the r201p with 3 data porta and one port to work (4) as a bridge for Voice with the voice vlan the phone registers ok with the PBX, and i am able to place and receive calls but with no audio in one way, specifically comming in.

I have enable and dissable “sip ALG” on the cnPilot device and in the MKT involved and i got the dame results.

The Issue has to be on the r201p since if I remove it from the equation it works ok.

Any suggestions will be very well appreciated.


Somebody??? Please and thank you.

Can you please share your configuration for R201P and MKT if possible ans we shall look into it.
Please send it to ashutosh.datta[at]cambiumnetworks.com


Please also share your topology and how you expect the IP phone to acquire IP address.