R201Ps not showing up in tree under CSM

So a few R201s show up in the tree under the CSM they are connected to, but the vast majority just apper in a long list at the bottom of the list.  

How is this supposed to work and how can we get them all to appear under the correct SM?

R201 devices report the MAC address of a parent device to which they are connected to cnMaestro when they connect.  cnMaestro uses this information to automatically place the device under the CSM in the tree.

Are your R201 devices connected directly to their CSMs?

If your R201 devices are behind a switch or router cnMaestro won't be aware of the parent SM's MAC address, which may be the issue.

If you send me your Cambium ID with the MAC address of one of the R201s not nesting properly we can check your account for further details.  Please email this information to jordan.stipati [.at.] cambiumnetworks.com

Is there any update on this?

Did you get any update on this?