Radio discards

I have some customers that complain that their SM disconects from the network for some seconds and then gets going again.
I look the SM graphs in my MRTG monitoring system: every thing seams perfect except the radio discards that show some pick. I also verified that the same pics can be found in the AP to which this SM is conected and also in the other SMs conected. So it seams to be a problem starting at the AP .
What is exactly happening when this parameter goes up? And what is the cause and the solution on your experience ?

its important to understand if the problem is with the ap or with the sm’s. there are so many different things that can be going wrong with out gathering more info.

are you able to ping to the ap from a different location? if you could run a constant ping test for a few hours you could decide if its a link problem to that ap, some sort of rf issue, timing issue, garbage on the network, etc

if you are able to constantly stay connected to the AP then i would start looking at jitters/rssi. if you have a few clients that are you shooting through trees or what not that could cause the problem as well.

If it is all of the subscribers loosing connection then i would try a freq change. maybe run a specturm test to see if the freq you are using is swamped. also post your settings here, with gps status and what not.

good luck

You need to take a look at the the re-reg counts and the session reg counts for this SM in the AP, it is under each LUID listed in on all Canopy AP’s. This will tell you if the SM has a lot of periods of disconnection from a tower, especially if these numbers are very high ( seen this alot when shooting at the back of an AP, even with a reflector on the SM ).