Radio just in reception in SA ?


An opinion, if I go into Spectrum Analyzer mode, is the radio part just in reception?
I would like to "turn off" some SM or some AP so they do not disturb, because they are rarely used.
Obviously I can reach them via ethernet and I would like to "turn off or turn on the radio part"
I was thinking of putting them in Spectrum Analizer mode, what do you think? Other solutions?
Thank you


When an AP goes into SA mode, it's subscribers stop transmitting. When we do a site-wide SA, we'll typically do it late at night when we don't disturb clients. We'll set all the AP's to the none frequency (set it to the "-" at the top of the channel list) and do an SA on each AP one by one.


So is it enough to put channel in "-" because the app stops the tx part?
So does the slave stop transmitting?
(the system is point point: ePTP Master and ePTP Slave)


Yes, and yes.