Radio Mobile + Google Earth

Yeah that works, i guess i would just want one Pro version so i could import lots of points to plot existing/failed customers.

One other thing, is there a way in Google Earth to figure out the distance between 2 points and maybe even see a profile view of the ground between the two points?
We currently use Terrain Navigator Pro for this but if Google can do that also then we won’t have to renew TNP.

That makes good sense. Here we keep the go’s and no-go’s in a database and then just use google maps api to load the points of interest. We find with slower computers that our techs use, we can use grouping and then it works a lot faster. Yeah you have to use both our internal web interface for the google maps api and then load google earth, but trust me it’s loads faster then the alternative on our machines.

We use terrain navigator Pro as well. And that’s great for the line of sight installs and pre-qualifying them because it gives you a ground profile that google earth does not have. Also we use the network version of terrain nav pro and it saved us a lot in license fee’s

So you can determine distance between two points in Google Earth?

yes , there’s a ruler tool that gives you a distance.
I just like terrain navigators los profile feature. which can give me a side view so i can see if my los will traverse through the earth. Something google has yet to impliment. Although that have teamed up with Maptek to get terrain data into Google maps and i would assume earth eventually. So hopefully we can see both products give improvements in what we need.

Honestly I think the best software would allow me to overlay my coverage maps, my customers and my no-go’s all separately. Then another layer for my access points and backhauls which would obtain data through snmp allowing me to view qualatative data on my links essentially providing me a graphical network overview. so basically a multi purpose tool that can fill all my needs, but i think something like that is just me being greedy.

Ok perfect thanks.

Yeah i think i’ll prob get Google Earth Pro for myself so i can import points and setup layers, then have the free version for my sales people so they can just have the coverage overlays for lookups.

Then I’ll just keep my old license of Terrain for “other needs”.

Hi. I know this is an old thread.  I've been using Radio Mobile for years and years, but lately, my ability to download the SRTM data has broken, and I don't know why.  It says "SRTM file not found" and it's set to "Download from intenet and keep a local copy", so I'm guessing it's a problem with my link to the CANADIAN srtm internet data location maybe?