Radio Mounting Hardware

When we first ordered our starting pack of Canopy we received these great radio mounts that allowed you to screw in the litthe L-shaped anchor plate to a wall or cieling , etc., and then it had a rotating plate on top and about a 20" or so L-shaped pipe attached to the rotating plate with a clamp. This allowed you to rotate the entire radio and also angle it up or down by just rotating the pipe. Anyone know what I am talking about? And if so, where we can get more of these?

Never mind, I found it!

It’s actually a Motorola product. Funny how Motorola support did not know what the heck I was talking about when I called them aboutthis. The guy I talked to said that the only hardware they have is the reflector dish. How can they not know their own damn accesosries for the Canopy radio???

If anyone is interested in looking into these, the part# is SMMB1. They are great little mounts in terms of the flexibility that they give you. Generally we just use pipes and elbows, etc., for a total of $4-$5. These things are relatively expensive ($25/each) but they are good to have around for installations that require strange angles, etc.