Radio Network Problem

Dear All,

I had a problem within the week on a large flat radio network, where unusual traffic generated from one AP via SM made the whole network unstable for almost five hours. The entire radio network goes off/on until I found one SM running on firmware configured as bridge with the following protocol filters turn-on (blocked):

• PPoE
• SMB (Network Neighborhood)
• Bootp Server
• IPv4 Multicast

I had to isolate the AP that particular SM was connected from the radio network and also shut down 45 registered clients on the AP one after the other before I found the problem. The problem stopped as soon as I change the SM which took me about eight hours to solve because of our large radio network.


• What can I do to prevent this problem from occurring again?
• What can I do to figure out problems like this quickly and fix it?
• What are the causes SM to generate unusual traffic to the extent of bringing a whole network down?

Best regards,