Radio not calibrated PMP450 5G


in last few weeks we encountered serious problem with PMP450 5G SMs. I have already 10+ SMs showing "Radio not calibrated". When this happens, SM looses its licence (allways) and configuration (sometimes completely, sometimes only partially). Most of the SMs will loose session with AP, but currenly I have one SM in this state which is still online, so I can try get some data from it if you tell me what you need.

We have many APs (450, 450i, 450m, 5G, 3G) and the "Radio not calibrated" problem appears only on SMs connected to 2 specific 450i 5G APs. I saw some topic here about this problem, but it was with with old software versions, our whole netwotk (except few forgotten SMs maybe) is runnig sofware  version 16.1.

When this happened to two or three units, we thouhgt it is something random, but as the number of "dead" units is growing, It looks like there is some common cause and we need to do something about it.

Thank you for any kind of help or advice.

Petr Němeček

Any "radio not calibrated" issues need to have a support ticket opened with Cambium. There's nothing anyone can do in the forums here for you.

I would agree with Eric that you should enter a support ticket, as we'll need to dig into this further... I find it very strange that all of the failures are only associated with 2 sectors though.

Two out of how many??


I have found and fixed in 16.1.1 one way where this can happen on 16.1, if ever a configuration is pushed via cnMaestro. Our entire configuration was backed up on the radio and it was too much to store in flash causing issues.

I can't say for sure if that was the issue you're seeing or not, but I would encourage you to upgrade from 16.1 to 16.1.1.