Radio Not Calibrated

I have a small number of PMP450 SMs, 2.4 GFz that have been removed from the field due to a Radio Not Calbrated error. Is there any way to get these radios calibrated without sending them in?

It is possible to restore calibration values in some cases.  Sometimes this corrects the issue, but sometimes the loss of calibration values is indicative of another issue.  I would advise that you enter a support ticket.  The support team can hel p you through this issue.



Hi Allen,

As Matt said, please contact our support team with the Screenshot of the error message. So that we will create a ticket and pass it to the concern team, who will check for the Calibration data of your radio with the help of Mac address. And they will apply that Calibration data on your radio via remote or accessing your radio via public IP.

So, you should make sure that the radio should be accessible either via public IP or remote.

I believe the info would be helpful for you.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi.

What happens if i have Canopy (PMP 100) radios and I am getting calibration error? Do you support those radios? Can we ask for support or open tickets?

Certainly, Cambium still supports the PMP 100 line per the terms of our warranty.

You can contact support to see if your equipment is covered under warranty and will still be supported.

With the PMP100s, having a default plug in them opens up a configuration tab to enter the calibration values yourself.  Open a support case for the SMs with their MSN and MAC addresses, and support will send you the values you need to enter.

Sadly, this is not the case with the 450s - they have to be sent in to be recalibrated by Cambium.

Before Motorola was bought by Cambium, there was a link where you entred the MAC address and will generate calibration values. But thanks for the answer, my radios are not under warranty had them since 2007. 

Fortunately, support will still pass the info along for radios that are out of warranty.  I've had to do it myself a few times.

I need also Radio calibration help witrh PMP100... It is out of warranty.

Open a support case.  They will supply you with the information even though it's out of warranty.