radio repair

Sent 4 SM’s and 1 AP in for repair. Opted for the pay-for-repair option. 2 SM’s unrepairable but got the AP and 2 SM’s back. Turnaround was quick.

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Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701
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It could just be a fluck, I sent in several for repair. The out come was not so good. They offered to rerepair the units but I have not returned them.

I’d give them another chance if they are going to take care of you at no cost.

I may just haven’t had the time, They repaired 6 units for me. 5 were bad at the get go. 1 lasted 2 weeks.

that’s not good.

No not really, I tested the units here and took the one remaining unit to my house. I just don’t like return calls from our customers.

I have had great luck with ezlinx as well. In fact i have moved all my purchasing to them.

That’s why I said maybe my repair was a fluke… We sure need someone to be able to repair our units.

well maybe its just that you are so skilled in your canopy knowledge that SM’s you sent for repair were truly broken. on the other hand maybe jerry and i are newbies and send them fixable SM’s :slight_smile:

give ezlink another try. like i said, i have had great success with them.

Some SM’s are really shot. The problem is it is hard to figure out until you get into the unit. We run them through our testing and if our engineers flag them we are usually at a dead end. If you have issues we guarantee our work so send it back and we will fix it for free. Sorry for any issues.
remember we also fix WaveRider,tranzeo,Trango and Alvarion.


maybe jerry and i are newbies and send them fixable SM's

Very funny

lol it was a joke and i hope you took it that way :-P.

:lol: Now That’s funny!!!

Of course I know it is a joke

:evil: No way, I’m pissed! :evil:

Just kidding 8)

Was the price for repair reasonable compared to the price for replacement?

I know in the past we have not repaired units due to the fact that we could just buy a new one at near the same price.

AP repair was 299. SM was 149

Do you check the connectors of the broken SM? What are the usual problems that you have with broken SMs?

150 $ for repair I think is too much. Maybe it will be cheaper to send them here :slight_smile:

I believe the repair cost is determined by the type of canopy radio.

They had two options

#1 was to pay $xxx per repair

#2 was pay shipping but only get back half of the repaired modems.

I chose #2 just due to the fact that in my case it pretty much broke even and i didnt want another expense.

We didn’t have good luck with EZlinks. We sent them an ap that wouldn’t
receive sync over the power port. Paid to have it fixed, got it back about a month later and it still did not work.

We later sent 2 ap’s that wouldn’t receive sync over the power port to
Jeff Hewitt
American Communications
8600 N Royal Ln, Suite 150
Irving,TX 75063
972-929-4622 ext 316
972-929-0777 Fax

and received them back promptly and in working order.