radio reset to factory default

Good day, my name is  TOM am faced with a challenge my epmp 1000 intergrated 5Ghz radio

reset to factory default, the rescent one that happened make's it the third one that reset on it own without human intervention, why is it happening.

Hello Tom,

ePMP devices support a feature to allow device configuration to be reset by using a power on/power off cycling of the PoE. Unfortunately, power outages or unstable power supplies could mimic this power cycling and end up resetting the configuration of the devices. There is a way to disable this feature from both GUI and cnMaestro. Please refer to the links below for more information.

Also, if you use the main ePMP forum ( you will probably get faster responses for ePMP related issues from our community.

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We are going through the same problem. We have several ePMP Force 110 radios in our structure and some have been losing their settings and in 100% of cases they occur in the Slave radio. The radio reset to factory default option has already been disabled, but the problem persists.