Radio software down loads via website

I have Connectorised radios version 08-01 and Integrated radios version 09-01. I need to upgrade them them to 10-05. When I try to download it via the public download page and enter my MAC address the website responds in RED that my ESN is invalid. The same happens with any MAC address I own. CAn this be repaired, or can I receive the software by some other means?


Software updates are available free of charge when your units are in warranty. The message that you are seeing is because our database shows that your units are not covered by warranty.

To gain access to the latest software there are a number of routes.

Purchase an extended hardware warranty - This will give you hardware warranty on the unit, and give you access to technical support and software downloads.

Purchase a “Software Maintenance Contract” - This will give you access to technical support and software downloads for all the equipment in your network, without the hardware cover.

Please speak to your reseller about purchasing these support services, If I can be of any further help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Julian Kemp
Customer Support Manager