Radio turns off


Is anyone having an issue where the radio transmitter turns off by itself. 

The AP is still on, GUI works fine etc, but that status is "Radio Off", no clients. 

The only way to clear it is to reboot the AP

It appears that this only happens under very high client loads. 

The AP's where is is happening have peaked at 101 clients at times. 

Seems random in occurance but it's happended 3-4 times in the last month. 

2.4GHz Hotspot with 1.6-r20 software. Other same config AP's are not having this problem.


Quick question, do you have any of the auto channel selection (ACS) features enabled, like when no clients are associated it will scan to find best channel OR at a certain hour it scans for a better channel?

No, fixed channel. 

Can you please take a techsupport dump and send it.

Also please  try loading latest 2.0 release  (it is lot more stable and has new features  ) and let us know whether you still see the issue?

You can find latest 2.0 image here,