Radio won't forward ports after storm

Is it possible that the radio could be damaged in such a way that it functions perfectly in every way, e.g. their internet works, but port forwarding stops working ?

The customer has a static IP and the radio is plugged into a switch with a PC and a Ubiquiti camera (tried a new switch). The camera is configured to listen on port 8082 and the PC listens on 6011 and everythign was working as intended until a storm came through yesterday. The customer took some lightning damage to other equipment but the Force180 radio works (they have internet on the connected PC) and the PC can access the camera via the local IP and even via the public IP of the radio (assgned to the radio via PPPoE). However neither can be accessed from the other side of the radio (not from our network or any other network. I even went to the AP they connect to and plugged into the switch, set myself in the same subnet and still could not access the camera or PC.

In a web browswer results in " refused to connect".
While (no port specified so port 80) returns "Site can't be reached / timed out" as it should because the radio is configured with a separate management interface and there is no port forwarding configured for port 80.

When I tracert it reaches all the way to the radio's public IP.
I can ping the public IP

I have gone over the network settings a dozen times to see if something was changed but nothing has been changed everything is configured like it should be and like it has always been.

Pulling my hair out on this one.