Radios say that an override plug is connected!

We have installed a new tower with a BHM and 2 APs (all in the 5.4).

We found that when the radios are rebooted they report that the “override plug” is connected (so they lost their configuration).

The three timing ports are connected by a “Y” cable to sync them all. The cable works (the sync signal is correctly received) and it has only TWO wires, to the 1st and 6th pins. Nothing is connected to the 4th pin.

Please note that:

- This occurs only for software reboots (by means of the button at the bottom of the web pages). No problem occurs when the units boot after a power cut.

- These units use the 8.1.4 firmware (to test it).

- The tower is located near a lot of radio and tv transmitters. The timing cable are less then a meter and the ethernet cables are shielded, and no interference problems are noticed.

- No problem was noticed when we tested the units in lab.

What could be the problem?


Only carry pins 1,2,3,6 through from the BH to the AP’s.

Jerry Richardson wrote:
Only carry pins 1,2,3,6 through from the BH to the AP's.

As I said, only pins 1 and 6 are connected, and only these two wires are present in the cable.

Sorry, I should have read the whole post. Missed that…

Definitely a mystery. I’d email tech support