radiowaves dish not performing well


We made some connectorized 5.7 backhauls and mounted on radiowaves dish but the gain we got was same as normal canopy reflectors. The distance between two points is 40 miles.

I called radiowaves and they said that SPD4-5.2NS dish supports frequency 5.250-5850 MHz. I am using 5.7 GHz. They said even the feed supports the the whole frequency range from 5.250-5850.

I tried the same dish aiming at other location which is 45 miles and it gave the same gain as the normal canopy reflectors. I have normal canopy reflectors on both ends and they are working fine.

I have changed the pigtail, changed the feedhorn of dishes, aligned it about 10-15 times. I always get the same results.

I am running out of ideas.

Anyone done radiowaves SPD4-5.2NS with connectorized canopy?

Are you sure that you made good conectorized backhauls? Could you post pictures of them together with the length od the cable, type of connectors etc.

I’m not sure that radiowaves are the problem…

Hi erkan,

I do not have photos with me now. The cable length is 2 feet of LMR 195, and the connector used is N-type male.

I have tried shortening the cable as well. We made the connectorized with soldering the center pin to the center of the antenna and outer shield to one of the ground point (there are two, one on the right and the next on the left)

We have removed the internal antenna as well.

hope this helps