Radius Accounting

I do not get any accounting data from Radius.
Is it my fault or is Motorola doing a dialin platform without any accounting / double login checking???

I believe this is correct, RADIUS is support for just Auth currently.

I am in the same predicament just got word relayed thru suppoort from the dev team:

I don’t think this feature is on the short-term roadmap. I can put in an official feature request for this if you would like. If so, to support the business case, it is always good to provide info on customer network such as number of APs, CPEs, etc. We also try to keep track of similar customer requests and take care of the requests that come through quite often. Any additional information that you can provide, I will put in the feature request.




I indeed heard from the project manager that noted accounting is in the funnel for consideration, but not committed. He said that accounting will probably be a good candidate for a 2012 release. I told him to “add a +1” for your request. I wish I could give you a more concrete answer. Sorry…


So get your feature requests in. Seems to me it’s kind of hard to run a WISP when your main wireless priduct cant support Accounting. I guess motorola expected end users of this product to keep to bandwidth policies using the honor system.

I did not believe it as its the first “dialup platform” without accounting.
This was standard even at times our Livingston handled modems.

Bumping an old thread to find out if anyone has heard any word on accounting support for pmp320’s coming down the pipe.

Bumping again to see if anyone has any news. Im starting to see the early signs of wear and tear due to users having an effective unlimited bandwidth cap.

from cambrium today:

On 06/11/2012 12:48 PM, Cambium Networks wrote:
> Hello Derrick
> At this moment there isnt any development of the Radius Accounting Support for the PMP320 and not in the near future sorry.
> Do you require anything else or can we close the case.

So there you have it. Give up on being able to enforce your bandwidth policies. Cambrium supports their products with about as much vigor as motorola did.
I can’t really help but be betrayed after suffering thru the early adoption pains this product had to go thru only to never get the promised accounting support.
If it was up to me id be buying my WISP hardware elsewhere from now on.

Didn’t even know accounting was on the road map… most ISPs use something at the edge to police customers like a NetEQ or PPPoE type solution

It isnt, we were lead to believe it was at launch because Motorola advertised radius AAA support… the third A stands for accounting. We have an Edge QOS device but need to be able to run monthly reports on bandwidth usage per user.

Ive been fiddling around with netflow for this. We are using Mikrotik routers as NAT’s and DHCP servers for our sites. They can send netflow stats. Cacti has a netflow viewer which looks promising, but im going to try NTOP first. In theory i should be able to run a report on usage per IP. Has the added benefit of showing what kind of traffic was flowing too.

Has anyone had any luck polling CPE stats via SNMP and used it for bandwidth reporting? That was the other way I had heard of, tho i thought snmp would only graph interface usage, not cpe’s.

salad wrote:
Didn't even know accounting was on the road map... most ISPs use something at the edge to police customers like a NetEQ or PPPoE type solution

We use PPPOE on all our legacy wireless products via radius. It works pretty good. PMP320 products do not support pppoe client on the radio. With customer support, you really want to have everything set on the radio. Having to setup the pppoe client on a computer or customer router would be a support nightmare. Less is more.

If all else fails im going to un-officially call our wimax product "unlimited" and simply start throttleing in the mikrotik routers to keep p2p traffic under control.

Agreed calling it “AAA” is pretty misleading. I suspect this is a marketing type thing, much the same as “sending someone a ping”… if I printed out ICMP ECHO REQUEST and handed it to someone I don’t think I’d get a very friendly response :wink:

Interesting that you run PPPoE clients in the radio. As a DSL provider, all of our CPE is bridged. Lots of our DSL and wireless CPE don’t even support routing. To top it off I think about twice a month I read of some new issue with Application X and Canopy or PMP320 NAT… I don’t know why a provider would even want to go there to be honest. Having to create special case scenarios (bridged CPE being unusual in a network of NAT boxes) to avoid “Sorry, you’ll just have to wait until Cambium fixes that” and plugging away with double-NAT doesn’t sound like my idea of fun. At the end of the day most customers have routers anyway, if they don’t call about setting up PPPoE on them they’ll call about something else like wireless settings or their cat just unplugged everything, how do they reconnect, etc.

Ive been on both sides of the equasion of having the pppoe client on our hardware and theirs. Tis much better on ours. Other than PPPOE, how does one accomplish bandwidth enforcement on one of these bad boys? Im hitting a dead-end with netflow, SNMP seems busted on these units too (at least i cant snmp walk them for OID’s)…

Well a small WISP we purchased used a NetEqualizer if I remember right: http://www.netequalizer.com/nda.htm This was before transfer quotas were a fad so it was configured to prioritize flows. Bulk crap like P2P and FTP was demoted while other stuff got a higher priority, and everything was shaped into a proper queue.

If you have DHCP reservations or some other way of guaranteeing a static IP then Cisco’s IP Accounting is a possibility: http://www.ciscopress.com/articles/article.asp?p=764234

I have to make do with the network hardware I have, which means the mikrotik router stays. looking into the accounting feature built into the mikrotik that seems to spit out IP specific data. Might be able to export it somehow.

Oh, you could plunk a Cisco unit upstream if you wanted to go with that.

I’d think that the Mikrotik units would support some IP accounting. ImageStream and other Linux-based routers can do it via iptables rules.

I found something that will work.

Just export netflows to a “manageengine netflow analyzer” server, It’s got everything. All I gotta do is have static dhcp reservations in my mikrotik routers and i can enforce bandwidth based on the amount of data that went over the IP address. It has data retention for as long as you need and automatic “billing” which will send you your bandwidth hogs via e-mail automatically once the threshhold has been reached.

Licenses are even reasonably priced.

I ended up using a free netflow aggrigator for linux.

No chance cambuim has decided to right the wrong that motorola did to us small WISPS by releasing radius accounting support?

Netflow isnt cutting the mustard.

Does anyone know of an SNMP MIB that spits out Data for upload and download packets used? Wasnt able to find anything on the AP MIBs list;

I think I found something for that for the CPE’s, but doing SNMP quieries to the CPE and matching it to a subscribers is going to be a challange with the current hardware setup.