Radius dictionaries Cambium - Motorola inconsistencies


I'm using ePMP1000 devices in my network and I loaded cambium dictionary on my radius and I'm using attributes like Cambium-Canopy-DLMB in order to provision speed from my server.

Now I'm also using PMP450 in the same network and noticed there is another Cambium dictionary for PMP450 with almost the same attributes BUT with differente VENDOR !!!

For ePMP1000 vendor is 17713 and for PMP450 vendor is 161. PMP450 won't work with the vendor 17713 attributes, nor ePMP1000 with 161

There is another file Motorola dictionary for PMP450 with slighly different attribute names BUT not all attributes like pmp450 cambium dictionary so I have to manually add the other attributes in the motorola file and assign some arbitrary name in order to use them.

I wonder you are aware of this. Can you please provide an unified or consistent dictionary file for both epmp1000 or pmp450?  (or complete the motorola file with the missing attributes?)



Agreed with most of this. I went through this during integration on our PMP450 about a year and a half ago. IIRC, the word was that both MOTOROLA and CAMBIUM attributes were still supported. Might be nice to see an official position from Cambium on this, though (I haven't seen one.).

This is a lingering effect of our split out of Motorola.   We have alot of legacy devices that were using the Motorola Vendor ID (161).  And with the large installed base using scripts based on that (it is also used in our SNMP MIB), it isn't trivial to migrate to the Cambium Vendor ID nor is it trivial to support both simultaneously.

We do have plans to do that, but I can't promise a timeline, but this is why the PMP (Canopy) line is still using a Motorola Vendor ID in the MIBs and RADIUS dictionary.

There was an updated dictionary file that updated the names to change Motorola to Cambium, but the Vendor ID remained the same.