Radius Disconnect-Request packets


I'm currently investigating  the ability to disconnect Radius authenticated SM's from a Radius enabled AP using radclient. From what I'm reading, the server client relationship is reversed and therfore the NAS needs to be 'Disconnect enabled'. Could someone let me know if the PMP100 AP's are capable and if so, what attributes are required for a successful disconnect?

I'm not the expert here, but I don't think this feature is supported today.

What you could do instead is to lower the 'SM Re-authentication Interval' in the AP.

Under Accounts->User Authentication and Access Tracking you will find this setting. When enabled it forces each SM to re-authenticate to the RADIUS server without dropping the session. Setting this value to something very small (i.e. 5 minutes) will make sure that SM's will always reflect any changes made to the RADIUS server.

The risk here is that for very large networks, setting the value too small may swamp the RADIUS server.

I hope this helps.