Radius handshake error in cnPilot v4

In version 4 the radius auth not working there is a handshake error

Can you please explain more about the issue, it will be helpful in understanding the issue

  1. Are you seeing issue with particular client or all clients ?
  2. Is this issue is happening continuously or random ?
  3. Can you please share me the techsupport file of the AP(on my email id mentioned below) when this issue happens.
  4. Also please provide the client mac address details with which you are facing this issue

Email Id : ashok.kumar@cambiumnetworks.com

You can download the techsupport from following location

  1. Login to AP
  2. Navigate To Operations
  3. Click on Download Techsupport under System

Downgrade to 3.11 its working

FreeRadius works for me in v4, but only if PMF is turned off (is set to Optional by default). Otherwise, Windows 10 clients won’t connect.

See this thread and see if anything applies to you.