Radius User Provisioned Cert "Configuration save failed."

We have a radius authentication server setup to manage our ePMP devices, but I am having a tough time streamlining the configuration of our SMs. If I start with a clean default configuration and go to add our User Provisioned Root Cert 1 (add file and do nothing else), and then go to save the config I get an error message that says:

Configuration save failed.

Config ID: The configuration was obsoleted

Configuration saved failed.

If I go and X out the default root certificate and the canopy root certificate I get the same error.

After I try to save this config once and have it error out like that I then go to reboot the device and once it comes back up my user cert is indeed still there and I can then X out the other certs and save without any issues. Why am I seeing this configuration error if it is actually adding my cert?

Edit: We are using Force 200 (2.4GHz) on firmware 3.5

Hi Nathan,

It looks like a bug.
We will check it asap.
I can assume it happens with every certificate.
Thank you for your input and sorry for inconveniences.

Thank you.

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Issue has been confirmed and will be scheduled to be fixed asap.

Thank you.

Any news? We haver the same problem.


Defect was fixed in 3.5.1, please check it.

Thank you.


Thanks!! Regards

i am receiving the same issue

Force 300

latest firmware