Radius VLAN config bug?

I have been testing vlan configuration using radius.

I have a profile to set ULMIR, DLMIR, STAPRI, and VLDatatPVID.

The attributes are being sent according to freeradius debug,

Sending Access-Accept of id 84 to 64.90.xx.xx port 48420
Cambium-ePMP-DLMIR := 10248
Cambium-ePMP-ULMIR := 2048
Cambium-ePMP-VLDataPVID := 1222

Cambium-ePMP-STAPRI := 4

but when I check the SM after registering, I find no data vlan is set and the data vlan priority is  configured with the vlan id. I haven't actually checked the functionality of the data vlan, just checked the page in the GUI.


Hi kpenland, 

Have you set Cambium-ePMP-VLIGVID? That's the Data VLAN VSA. I'm asking because I don't see it listed in your post. Cambium-ePMP-VLDataPVID is the Data VLAN priority which should be between 0 and 7. I think you want to set Cambium-ePMP-VLIGVID as 1222.



Ok, I see now.  What does the Cambium-ePMP-STAPRI attribute control? I'm not finding it in the interface of the sm.

It is Subscriber Module Priority (QoS page on SMs UI).

It can be configured to:


Thank you.