Radius, what is everyone using?

For those of you using radius, what is everyone using for the interface to turn on/off customers?

We are looking to implement radius with PMP320 and v11PMP100 but want to have something uniform and easy for the office personal to use.

Freeradius + Daloradius

Work greats 5000customer etc…

Daloradius looks pretty nice, might have to take a look at it.

We use Quickbooks for all our billing & invoicing. Does anyone know of a way to integrate radius with quickbooks? Or is that even possible?

Basically I’d like to be able (from within Quickbooks) to disable or enable customer’s radius accounts.

I Think is not possible

Short answer is no. Long answer would be that QuickBooks is a file-based program: You’d need to have a script on some server that scans that file on a regular basis to check for whatever criteria, and then updates RADIUS to disable the subscriber. Really more trouble than it’s worth… either stick with what you’re doing or see about some web- or server-based system for doing billing.