railroad interference on 900Mhz

i have 2 towers by the train track and i have noticed every time a train go’s by the internet gets slower i went to FCC.gov and the railroad is on 900mhz
http://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Wireless/Ord … 010359.txt

but it dose not say if its 900 or 901

dose anyone know who i need to contact so we don’t interfere with
each other and will a band pass filter help?

any ideas would be awesome thanks

Did the FCC site say how wide the channel is and the max Tx? It’s probably on the order a few kHz but being licensed it could be some serious power.

It’s possible that moving up to 915 and 924 would solve the problem. If you need to use 906, a filter will help assuming their channel is fairly narrow.

If there is regular service, you could do a site survey while the train is passing to see what’s going on.

no but i did find out the new system the railroads using is called ATCS
and the train fanatics are putting up 900mhz towers to listen in …yahoo just what we need right?
this website is telling people how


ok found the frequencies at that website


I see you guys are using 900 Mhz? You should check out the 17.5 and 14.5 Dbi Yagi antenna. by KP Performance


Take care