Rancid and EPMP Backups

We use Rancid to pull config backups on a bunch of our gear.  I've been trying to get this setup to pull the config from our EPMP gear.  The login script works as I can get logged in, but I can't seem to get it to issue the config show dump and pull the config.  Does anybody have a copy of their rancid script they would be willing to share?


We are using observioum and rancid on it pulling data from mikrotik's, will be nice to get data from cambium as well

Dont have a sollution but hope we can find one



If you are still interested on that I developped my own script.

That's just crap code, but it works... :-)



I certainly wouldn't mind taking a look at your code to see if I could possibly get it integrated into our network.

yes, please share your cambium rancid script.