Random Freeze Up on 5700SM

Randomly, we lose the connection to our Canopy SM5700. The light on the switch remain on but I cannot ping the SM or any device behind it. Also, I cannot access the web interface of the SM.

To fix the problem, I have to manually power off and on the PoE. On some days, this happen several times, while, it might no happen at all on other days.

I tried several ports on the switch; I also moved the connection from the switch to a PC Router but the problem persist. I replaced the LAN card on the Router with a 3Com model to no avail.

Pls help

Any educated guess on this?

do you have a public or private ip in the radio

set the bridge entry timeout longer than the setting in your router.

I have private IPs only

The bridge entry timeout of the SM5700 is set to 100 while that of the router is 60

Reset the AP to default, and then reconfigure. Sometimes the config gets corrupted during the initial setup and they never run right.

After resetting and reconfiguring they seem to run fine.

If that does not do it, I would look at the device the AP is connected to.

Thanks for your suggestions.
The AP has 22 SMs connected to it. All the SMs work just fine except this one.

You said SM and I kept thinking AP…

I think I would reset to default and reconfigure. If that doesn’t do it, then test the cable from the POE supply to the SM.

If that doesn’t do it, then I’m out of suggestions…

goofy problem.

I have reset to factory default twice and also replaced the ftp/sftp cable to the SM but problem persist.

I might have to replace the SM itself…

Anyway, thanks for your suggestions.