random Network Authentication Failed

I notice that every now and then via a bunch of yellow alarms in Prizm that, some nights, a large handful of SMs will fail authentication on their AP. This is with no known outages to me, no known issues with the AP or backhauls or Prizm…

Anybody seen this before? Is it a symptom of crappy links?


I see them as well - usually on marginal links but I’ve seen some solid links in there from time to time.

I’m also seeing a lot of “unknown trap received” error messages on random SMs - haven’t figured out the pattern yet.

What is your configuration?

I have thie same Problem with Linux and Postgresql Database…if you need some help write me!

We’re running on Win2003 with Postgres. Other than the random authentication failures, nothing seems to be broken. The SMs usually successfully authenticate the next attempt.

The unknown SNMP traps also don’t seem to be doing any harm. I think it must be some kind of inconsistency between Prizm and the latest versions of the Canopy system software.