Random restart ePMP 180, F200, ePMP 1000

Our customers have complained about problems with accidentally dropping the Internet for 3-5 minutes. After replacing the SM antenna, it always stopped. If we gave the antenna to someone else in another sector, the internet was dropping out of it. After introducing zabbix tracking, we found that the faulty antennas are restarted. We have searched for and tested the firmware 3.1, 3.3, 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 RC17 and everyone restarting. Of course, we tried to change the power supply. The restart counter is at 351 for all problem antennas at high values. I suppose you know about this problem when you included a hard reset and soft restart in the RC11. Sorry for my english.

Hi Pavel,

We are not aware of that issue.

Counters for Hardware and Software reboots were introduced for another reason.

Could you please provide more details?

Which mode is used& TDD or ePTP?

Are only SMs affected or APs as well?

Please try to collect crashlog after device has been rebooted.

"debug crashlog" from CLI.

Thank you.


- SM (maybe one AP must still check with a coworker (is on vacation)

- ok i try it, i set the syslog but i think there was not much to see.

  I have found another client who is doing this. So I still have firmware 3.3 I'm still setting up syslog. 20Mhz channel, wpa2


In case crashlog is not saved on the radio it means issue is not related to FW and not likely that it is related to HW.

I would to suggest ot upgrade radios to 3.5.2, then we will at least know that are hard or soft reboots.

Other guess is it could be related to power feeding, but you wrote you have already exluded that cause.

Thnak you.

3.5.2 for 2 days without reboot

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So 3.5.2 OK. The antenna that I restarted and I uploaded it to 3.5.1 and after 3 hours returned 3.3 it is no problem! See screen.