Random SM disconnecting N clients!


I am have significant increase in calls … SM disconnects and needs power cycle reboot to get back online… always N clients on 4.7 Fw … didnt notice this on AC clients !

shoud I go back to 4.6.2 or whill this be resolve in 4.7.1 ? becuse I have daily calls report and was working fine for years !

Thank you !

I think is the current version ? It does fix some of the bigger problems with 4.7 as 4.7 is/was a truly bad release. We have on site currently and so far only a little bit of weirdness that may or may not be a problem. You can try rolling back to 4.6.2 but may find that some / many of your radios will not allow you to roll back to 4.6.2 from 4.7 but if you have some of the very early beta versions of 4.7 you can roll back to one of them and then roll back to 4.6.2.

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I didnt go to because I thought it was only SNMP problem fix … but I can push today … I started noticing this few weeks ago because of peak season and only epmp 2000 and elevate SMs

Here’s the list of fixes that were in


The issue you’re describing is resolved in

2 Likes resolved a bunch of things - all the known issues with known causes at that time.:+1: No one should still be running 4.7 - everyone should upgrade to :hugs:


Thx all … going to upgrade all today … bad weather yesterday didn’t want to risk it !


I upgraded all devices on time whill tell if it fixed the issue !

But upgrade did not go well … Site were I have most of my N clients and disconects issue bricked dozen devices that I know for now ,… something like this never hapend to me after 23 cnmaestro upgrades, most disappointing is that all SMs ( for now ) are cambium F200,190,180 … few years old not ubnt elevated ones!
All have same symptoms : ethernet is flaping cant access them, tried to reset them with power cycling, nothing!
So interesing part is that I tried to manualy upgrade ones that failed, they needed reboot to free up the memory for fw upload, after reboot they all bricked :frowning: !
This is a big hit for me :frowning: … I woud like some suport , is it posible to salvage them with TFTP or somehow ?

Start a ticket https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/ hit the blue “Submit A Request” button Top Right.

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Hi @Makoto, as brubble1 suggests, it is better to raise the ticket. Upgrade to first. If you have a stable reproduce our engineer will help you to isolate it. Don’t forget to attach tech support files from AP and SM as close to reproduce as possible.