Rate v. Range - V5000/V3000 - Zones M/K/F

I’ve been searching for data on the 99.99 and 99.95 rate and range for both mesh V5000-V5000/3000/1000 and PTP V3000 for the M, K and F rain zones.

Some of the webinars have shown graphs like the one below, but I wondered if these existed for the parameters I mentioned.

Is LINKPlanner my best hope?


The old CCIR recommendations used to have a very granular map of the world divided into rain zones and these were in the first release of ITU-R P837-1, but in P.837-2 which was released in 1999 the ITU replaced the rain zones with a data map allowing the rain rates to be calculated based on latitude and longitude coordinates, with the resolution starting at 1.5° steps.

The version we are using in LINKPlanner now uses 0.125° steps so for any design you are using if you enter the Lat/Long it will be able to show the specific attenuation for rain calculated using ITU-R P,838-3, for the given 0.01% rain rate in mm/hr of rain fall in that location (it’s displayed in dB/km).

You can add these to the tables in LINKPlanner:


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