RCR Wireless News article on 60 GHz cnWave

Check out today’s article on cnWave in RCR Wireless News

Wing K. Lee, CEO of YTL Communications said that with its nationwide all-4G LTE network as a “solid foundation,” the provider is using Cambium’s wireless broadband products to extend its high-speed network to schools and enterprise customers.

“We are excited to be the first in the world to deploy Cambium’s 60 GHz technology to our Terragraph gigabit wireless network in Penang. Like many cities with heritage structures, fiber deployment is quite difficult, and many businesses are stuck with legacy copper wires,” said Lee. “The cnWave 60 GHz solution enables a multi-gigabit wireless mesh network — elegantly using existing structures­­ — that has overnight transformed existing businesses and can easily scale to future demands.”