Re: Disable Ethernet missing?

Ethernet Link Enable/Disable option should be available in PMP 450i SMs under configuration>> General >>Link Speeds.This option is not available in PMP 450i AP.
This option specifies whether to enable or disable Ethernet/802.3 connectivity on the wired port of the SM.

If you are unable to see this option in SM as well,Please let us know to check further in this regard.

Hi and thanks for replying,

I did check multiple times today as we put the link on tower for testing.

The link speed pull down menu is there,but no enable disable port.Checked to see if was minimized button on right side rebooted a few times etc. still nothing. we are using newest version software did not notice if was there in 14.1.x package.I did not try diff browser but did try two different laptops. 

The Ethernet Link Enable/Disable option is only available for PMP 450i Subscriber module under configuration>> General >>Link Speeds.
This option is not available in PMP 450i Access Point.Please find the attached screenshot to verify the same.

Could you please share screenshot of your PMP 450i Subscriber module of configuration>>General (full page) (where you are unable to find this option )with us.

Hi Kimmi,i'll try and clear this  up a bit.This is a backhaul link PTP 450i  .

The BHS slave side is not showing the disable port setting.Not sure if it ever did or should really as it is our first pair.

The Manual shows that it does have this feature page 341 under BHS 450i general etc...

My question is this ,should the feature be there or not?  Most other gear i have used allows at least one side to kill link through software port shutdown.Pretty sure even my old Canopy backhauls allowed this.

Here is pic of what radio has at the moment.

Hi Mike,

I have checked this in my lab PTP 450i radio and found that Ethernet disable/Enable option is not available in PTP 450i Master/Slave.

Although User manual page number 341 is showing that this option should be there in BHS.

I will have check regarding the same with my product team to confirm the availability of this feature in the radios and I will keep you updated.

Thanks Kimmi,

this link is pretty awesome.might just grab a few more pairs while I have the keys to the cash drawer😋

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