Re: ePMP Force 300 and PTP 550 availability for LINKPlanner

I was glad to see that, however I am seeing some issues with it.  It was showing better signal and throughput using 5.1 band over 5.8 band.  was also showing more throughput through a force 200 link on some distances.

Can you send us (either publicly or privately) a LINKPlanner file with your concerns?



I saw similar results and sent a LinkPlanner file directly to David.

Thank you! We'll investigate.



We just released a F300 & 550 Beta SW release on our beta location which has signficant chagnes to the software it was shipped with. Would you mind trying out that release?



24.1KM link, 40 Mhz width, 5.8 Ghz Band, 30 Meter above ground Master & Slave, 5ms fames - Linkplanner reports.
ePMP Force 200 says 223.29 Mbit Aggregate IP Thoughput
ePMP Force 300-25 says 176.65 Mbit Aggregate IP Thoughput


I don’t have F300 hardware. I’m interested in how it compares to the F200, and performed the comparison in LinkPlanner.

I’ll happily test in real world comparison of you want to send me a pair to test.