Re: Error Updating PTP-450. Failed to upload file

@hlopez wrote:


 Im having a problem triyng to update a PTP-450 using CNUT 4.8.1

My PTP-450 is in 13.1.4 im triying to update it to 13.4 and i got the next error ....

true BHUL450 - DES 0A003EB0EE13 CANOPY 13.1.4 BHUL450-DES 081514 CANOPYBOOT 1.0 07/08/15 17:32:00 Failed to upload file ptp450_c120.img, Connection reset by peer: socket write error  

General actual info 

Device Type :
5.4GHz MIMO OFDM - Backhaul - Timing Master - 0a-00-3e-b0-ee-13
Board Type :
P11 C120
Software Version :
Board MSN :
FPGA Version :

The version of the package is  CANOPY134BUILDOFFICIAL_MIMO_PMP450_DESAES_S.pkg3

Please i need your help

There is a remote side upgrade needed on PTP 450 when upgrade to 13.3 or after.  Please make sure you upgrade the "far end" of your link first.  This was mentioned in the release notes for 13.3.

Otherwise, please reset the board and try again.