re/ how to upgrade from 58600-05-04 to latest one?

Good afternoon,

Recently I installed a PTP600 link which has 58600-05-04 firmware at both ends (HW version D05-R02-I); I’m interested in upgrading the software in order to take advange to thinks like adaptative bandwidth, etc… but the latest version of the firmware can’t be installed directly so I wonder some intermediate firmware is required?

Can anybody advise where can I find such firmware?

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Hi Antonio

Normally our software can be installed directly without going through any intermediate steps.

Our latest version of software for IPv4 users is 10-05, you should be able to upgrade directly to this version.

We have now released 10-06, and this load includes IPv6 management - We recomened that you only use this if you need IPv6 management, otherwise stick to 10-05, there are no other new features apart from IPv6 management!. This version does include a new “recovery Image” which should also be updated.

There are some limitations on what software can be loaded, depending on the recovery image. This is because we have now introduced 2048 bit signed images.

Details of the extra steps required to upgrade to 10-06 are detailed in the release notes.

If you need forther support with your upgrade, please contact and they will be happy to help.


Hi Julian,

thank your for your prompt reply. Unfortunately this doesn’t works… Here are the steps:

I download the firmware ZIP and extract the .dld2 file:

PTP600-10-05.dld2 - size = 8021530
md5sum = eda87dc60d7d0aa3062c018a3e6d31fc

In the equipment -> Upload file and then I get:

ERROR invalid image file
The uploaded file was too large. This is likely to occur if the uploaded file is not a valid software (.dld) image

Please note the equipment asks for a .dld file but a .dld2 file is being provided

These are the equipment details: PTP600

Product Name: Motorola PTP 58600 Full
Software Version:58600-05-04
Hardware Version: D05-R02-I

Actual software in the equipment:

Software Version: 58600-05-04
Boot monitor :: Boot-01-02
Recovery software image :: Recovery-05-03

Any further advice is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Hi Antonio

The software file on the web is correct - I have just downloaded it myself and loaded it onto a unit here…

You are coming from a very old version of software. I would suggest that you try to upgrade it from the recovery image.

Boot the radio into recovery. To do this…

• Remove power from the PIDU.
• Press and hold the recovery button on teh PIDU.
• Apply power to the PIDU.
• Continue to hold the recovery button for 20 seconds, then release it.

The unit will then boot into recovery mode - and there is an option to "Upgrade Software Image"

Once the software is loaded, reboot normally.

Let me know how you get on!


where can i get the latest version of same device to upgrade with

You can download PTP600 firmware from