Re: Infogamer conference

Nice real world example! So...

  1. What square meterage was covered?
  2. How many AP's did they use?
  3. What was the concurrency per AP at peak?

Info in this regard would be invaluable.



Hello, sorry for delay in response. 

Game exhibition show was in 5 halls that are acting as one huge space but have concrete walls in between with wide doors open. Each hall is around 3000 square meeters (30 x 100 meters or something similar to that). They are all long. 

There were 5-7 AP's per hall. Depending on the size and needs. Some halls didn't have the same requirements as others. Depending on the structure, client density, need for capacity etc.

All AccessPoints were dual band concurently with techniques like band steering, band balancing, load balancing, airtime fairneess etc turned on.

We had around 80-150 clients per Access Point every day, and almost all day from earliest morning. All Access Points were more or less equally loaded with clients so the balancing part was working pretty good.

Majority of the clients were using 5 GHz access radio.

Client count2

Client count1

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