Re-installing Prizm

Hi Guys,

We installed Prizm a couple of months ago but then we started running into issue. Prizm became slow when logging into the database, it took ages to pull data from an element. Basically, my boss feels that after spending $8,000 for a software, it should be able give him results.

I need you guys advice on a working setup. What should I use

1. OS - I got it working on Centos with postgresql
2. Database - Got is working with postgresql but queries take too long. If I use MySQL will that help
3. Prizm - Should I use Prizm 3.0 or 2.0/1?

I will appreciate any advice and pointers I can get.


If you look at the About->Advanced dialog box, what do the database stats list? Query Times? Number of Connections?

The dbase query result varies - sometimes it takes 10 sec or less, at other times, it goes to 320. I am using postgresl 7.3.

How can I increase the maximum number of database connections in prizm. I am using postgresql

Hi Guys,

Is there anything I should note before installing Prizm 3.0

I read that it is best to have all your devices running firmware 8.2.2. Asise that, are there any other issues with Prizm 3.0?

I am running prizm 3.0 without and major issues. I have some elements that were added to the network as 7.2.9, so the firmware on the sm is not that important. Right now, our database is stored on a separate MySQL server and we have no performance issues at all. If you are using Centos4 you can follow the instructions in the prizm guide exactly.