Re-Running Jobs With Failures

This is more of a feature request.  So I wanted to update all ap's and sm's at a site with a new config change.  It completed about 50% of them.  I think I should have done the SM's first and then the AP's because it knocked people off and then it couldn't reach some of the customers.

So I want to run it again but I don't want to have to run it on the AP's and other people who already have been given the correct config changes.  I can look at, and sort all the jobs that failed but I cannot "rerun" the job on them.  I literally have to sift through or write down everyone's names and manually run them. 

If there was a way to "re-run" a job on the failed only it would be a huge help.

Or is there some way of doing this? 

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This and the ability to schedule updates at a specified time please ++