Re: We are installing an “AMR” system and it works off a license

How wide are the channels on the AMR system?

What polarity are both systems in? you can reduce interference if you make sure on is HPOL and the other VPOL

Should not be a problem. Those systems have excellent filters.

You will want to get physical separation. It’s likely the AMR is going to be VPOL which will also help.

Is that a Sensus AMR system you are putting up?
I also have many 900 tower sites and and currently looking at two vendors for AMR. One is Sensus that uses 900 licensed and the other is Aclara which uses 450Mhz.

Sensus wants on the same towers I have the Moto gear on.

I have been assured by Sensus that they will not interfere.
I could have anticipated that response from the sales guy.

I would sure be interested in your results as you move foward.