Well you have to go thru the whole updating process from the older versions up to 7.2.9 and then use the new Cnut version to go to 7.3.6

I’ll be the first to bite: Ummm… what? :lol:


Let me make a number of assumptions and attempt to answer your question.

If you are asking “will I have to upgrade all of my radios to 7.2.9 before I upgrade them to 7.3.6” the answer is yes. From the 7.3.6 release notes:

6.1.2 Upgrade only from Release 7.2.9
Modules currently running Release 7.2.9 can be upgraded to Release 7.3.6. Modules running releases prior to Release 7.2.9 should first be upgraded to Release 7.2.9, then upgraded to Release 7.3.6. Direct upgrade from, say, Release 6.1 to Release 7.3.6 is not supported.

As for the part of your question about the new CNUT, I have both .pkg and .pkg2 versions of 7.3.6, so you should be able to find either one. If you can’t PM me and I can post it for you to download.