Reading informations from Motorola Canopy AP


i need to help with reading informations from motorola Canopy.
We have got our user management system written in PHP and i need to store CC codes, Signal Levels etc to each of Our client.
So i need to login motorola canopy AP and retrieve those informations.
Which way u recomend? SNMP isnt helpfull here, because it return only few information.

Any idea?

thank you

SNMP is perfect, you just don’t have the right MIBs you can monitor everything about the canopy radios,

uptime, sync packets ethernet errors RF power, frequency you name it, you can get it all on SNMP


Please, share where we can get the right MIB file or files to get the most information.
I am using the latest from Cambium MIBs and I would like to get more data.

The Cambium web interface has great information. Especial helpful would be any MIBs that would get me more Statistics.

Thank you in advance.


You can download the MIBs directly from Cambium here: … /index.php