really need some additional stats .... installs/trouble shoo

The canopy radios have a wonderful amount of stats… the 320 is welll… completely lacking in my opinion

Granted using an snmp application we can see when a radio crashes or reboots in a time frame… using j perf we can take a guess at how effective the link is and hope we have a solid lock…

I would love to see some basic ethernet and radio stats like crc errors… tx rx effors… a way to set ethernet link speed… some sort of o.t.a link efficiency test and maybe a simple reboot counter with a date stamp in a log that doesnt clear… a counter that ticks how many times the radio has registered since boot would be great to!

Of course the greedy side of the would like to see the exact same stats as the 100 product :slight_smile:

+1 to all of the above. Hell, a way to see if there even IS ethernet link would be a start.