Really weird problem

This problem had my climb a 42mtr tower 5 times in 3 days!!!

We have a cluster of 4 P9 APs running 7.3.6 on HWS. The backhauling is done with a 5.8 Alvarion link.

so its like this:

Alvarion SU–>1070CK CMM–>4AP’s

This situation worked very well for about 7 months, then the ping times to the AP’s from the other end of the backhaul started fluctuating, going from 2ms to 3000ms.

Tried replacing Alvarion SU, CMM, all cabling…still no change.

Eventually got it working by doing the following:

Alvarion SU–>switch–>1070CK CMM–>4 AP’s

Anyone have an idea what could have happened?

Did you try using a different port on the CMM Micro before you put the switch in?

Is the cable connecting the switch to the CMM Micro terminating in the same port that the Alvarion SU did? Did you try messing around with duplexes and data rate settings in the micro?

Tried on all the ports. Tried all link negotiation options. Switch is going to same port that Alvarion was in. Strange…

I have had this…

what problem was the icmp floods…for some reason putting a switch between the AP’s and the BH limited it for that site.

it really sounds like a multicast problem

it sounds like you are hitting the pps (packets per second). Put a sniffer like ethereal and see what kinda traffic you have coming off those AP’s.

what do you have checked under advanced networking on the SM’s?