Rebate Program

Anyone know if the Rebate Program is being extended for 2007? I heard a rumor that it was being terminated.

The Rebate Program has helped us to grow to over 3,000 subscribers. I would hate to have it get canceled just when things really started to take-off.

I agree…we rely heavily on the rebate program to grow our company.

I had a moto rep call me and ask me about the rebate program/our sucess with it/etc… I told him we really rely on it.

would be interesting to see how it works out.

We are starting to go head-to-head with DSL as they move into the area and the Rebate helps us to remain close in pricing… I guess we’ll wait and see…

we are in the exact same position. DSL rolled out pretty hardcore here…competing with $14.99/month with no install charge with a 6 month contract is pretty tough.

and for $34.99/month they can do 5/1.5mbs

How much are you paying in the states for your 5700 advantge with out the rebate?

We buy in large quantities, so we get the price around $210-$215 each.

Anyone heard any more info about the rebate being extended?

I sent an email on December 11th to rebate at canopywireless dot com. Here is an excerpt from the email I just received:

The Rebate Program is one of several that are under review for
continuance in 2007.

Bottom Line: Right now the program is scheduled to end on 12/31/06.
There is no decision on continuing the program in 2007 as yet. We do
recognize that it does represent good value for us since it helps the
WISP and sells our product.

You’ll be notified on the status of the program for 2007 via normal

sorry, hijacking the thread.

anyone can point to me where to buy bulk of SM? (210-215 each)


Looks like it was extended, but at $30 rebate.

Where did you get that information? I don’t see anything updated on the website. Am I looking in the right place?

Our sales dept. told me about it…I’ll ask where that info was obtained from. Hope I didn’t start a rumor. =/

We received word from MOTO yesterday that they are going to extend it but wont make the announcement till early 07.

Didn’t really read to see if this was posted yet…but:

Greetings all and Happy Holidays…

Good News! Many of you have been asking about the status of the program and we are very excited to inform you that the Motorola Residential Rebate Program has been extended until March 31, 2007. This extension applies to all Service Providers in North America deploying Canopy equipment.
If you are currently a participant, you will automatically be included in the program extension and will receive updated information through official channels regarding the program soon. We encourage you to let your service providers/customers know about the residential rebate program. Very soon, the website will be updated with the new form for 2007, so be sure to check out the url’s shown below. Until the new form for 2007 is available, please use the existing form for your subscribers.

If you have not participated before, or would like your service providers to participate, visit or send your service providers to: … esidential. The site provides information and how to take advantage of this great opportunity to attract new residential subscribers and increase sales.

Thank you for your attention and participation in the Canopy Residential Rebate Program. If you have any questions or comments about the program, or customer issues that need resolution, please use the email address below.


Rebate Program Home Page: … sidential/

US Rebate Forms:

Canadian Rebate Forms:

French Canadian Rebate Forms:

Marketing Materials:

If you have questions on the Residential Rebate Program contact:

Thank you and cheers.

Dave Spencer
Regional Marketing Manager
North America
Motorola Wireless Broadband

Visit the Motorola Canopy website
and our Connections e-zine, an online magazine dedicated
to bring you exciting wireless broadband news

glad i was 50% right. phewww