Reboot ePMP Devices via Template

Is there a JSON command to reboot ePMP devices if a configuration template is run?

There isn't a template command to just reboot devices.  If a reboot is required to apply configuration changes the device will automatically reboot as part of the configuration update.

If you want to reboot devices without applying configuration it is possible to reboot individual devices via the option menu for individual devices in the left hand tree and also in the Tools tab for devices.

I get the reboot each device, was just trying to work around a way to create a script to reboot devices before I apply changes to them.  Thanks.

Hello team,

     I want to schedule a reboot for several devices via cnMaesto. Is there any way to do this?

Best Regards,

Andres M.

Hi Andres,

Yes, this is possible via the Inventory page.  Select the devices you wish to reboot and select the Actions -> Schedule Reboot option at the top right.  You can then enter the date and time for the reboot.  This will create a scheduled job in the Application -> Jobs -> Actions page that you can view or delete.

Thank you for your quick response!! That is what I was looking for.

Best Regards,

Andres M.

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