REBOOT P-P ePMP Lite / Force 110

Dear friend i setup one P-P WITH 2 ePMP Lite / Force 110, the firmware is 3.4.1 and i setup modality ePTP.

My problem is the cliente reboot about 5-6 time every today o the link it's crashed. I change everu channel.

Qhat is the problem??

In attacced the log of client.



Excuse me the log of client it this.



Hi ,

We want to understand the problem or issue more clearly. So are you facing the issue with the link between AP and SM

where the SM is disconnecting from the AP very frequently


In cnMaestro you are unable to on board the SM device or already on boarded SM device is getting disconnected and connected multiple times.

From the attached logs i can see the device is not able to connect to cnMaestro. Please send the config files of the AP and SM to to have a check for the proper config for on boarding to cnMaestro. Also mail us your cambium ID and the device MAC of AP and SM to debug the issue .



Hi my SM is disconnecting from the AP very frequently. In my maestro it's ok and validing my AP and SM.

My mac address its of AP 00:04:56:D2:53:5B, SM 00:04:56:D2:53:5B.

My id is siculasystem and in attaced my setup.

My setup