Reboot timer feature on ePMP SMs

It would be great if you incorporate an optional timer desgined to automatically reboot a SM after a configurable time when the SM has either has no established AP connection or alternatively when a ping to a specified IP via the management VLAN fails.

We have had many cases where minor config changes on an ePMP SM (any model) results in the SM dropping and not coming back. In these cases and others, we have found the SM to be either unresponse, stuck in scanning mode and/or the SM doesn't seem to attempt network entry. In all these cases, a SM reboot resolves this issue every time and means an embarrassing call to the client or a costly dispatch of a field tech etc. 

Of course, working with Cambium to idetinfy/resolve the root cause for an SM entry issue is the end goal, however this feature would give us an auto-recovery option for SMs that are not behaving and provide the customers (that we choose to deploy this feature on) with better recovery time frames.

We agree that this is a useful feature and will consider it for a future development.